Occupation Evidence

Motel Kandinsky, Art 'n' Bloom, Trajector Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium 2011

Occupation Evidence Deluxe Edition, Flight Case, Latex, PVA, Skin, Nails, Hair, Fluid, 2011

The work references the nature of a hotel room as a transitory space, the anonymity it affords people, and the opportunity that is provided for criminal or unscrupulous activity to take place. We unwittingly leave traces of ourselves throughout everyday life, no matter how hard we try to prevent this from happening. “Occupation Evidence” provides a means for someone to contaminate a space using traces belonging to the artist.
The piece is presented as a kit, in which is contained evidence to be planted in a room. The items in the kit include fragments of skin, nails hair and fluids, which the artist would unwittingly leave behind. These objects would enable a profile to be formed using DNA and forensic processes. The kit enables a process of reverse forensics to take place. In turn the subterfuge would create a picture of the person and the events that might have happened in a space- indeed should a crime be committed in that space the artist could be implicated through the residual evidence the kit provides- an element of risk on the artist’s part. In another way the piece suggests a mythological existence for the artist. Suggesting that they have traveled to a particular place when in fact they have not, suggests a different existence to the one that the artist usually presents.