"Ucha" Looped Video, Recomposited Audio, Stereo, HD , Duration 03:23

Ucha is welsh for highest, top, or upper. Ucha is a video and sound piece made at the ICAW, International residency in Harlech. The video is an interpreted documentary piece of a natural phenomenon. The sound is generated by the strong gusts of wind at the site blowing accross the bolt hole in the gate post. The sound has been processed and reordered to create a composition which attempts to recreate the epic nature of the surroundings, blended with the subtlety of the discovery of this phenomenon on the site. The natural forces at work are in contrast to the manmade structure and objects, these are all barriers placed to control the landscape and the movement of animals, and materials within it, the image here represents the repeated reinstating and failure of these human attempts, however at the same time the existence of these structures creates the sound which seems to be in harmony with the natural forces at work. The name relates to the site "Eglwys Ucha" top church.