Untitled (Time-Shifter)

"Untitled (Time-Shifter)" is a short video that plays with the sense of time of a place, it uses a combination of timelapse and static shots to present an interpretation of the time based qualities of place, space and object. The video was made during the ICAW international artists residency at Harlech.

The piece is concerned with the different elements of time and changes within this of the space in which the subject was situated. The coast line is subject to rapid and extreme changes in the elements, sun, cloud, rain and wind, at the same time the landscape presents a timeless quality a revelation of ancient and seemingly unchanging rock. The video both opens and closes with an image of the sun setting, although not apparent at first, this at the same time creates a traditional sense of time passing during a day, while in actuality creates a looped timeframe for the work. Between the land and the sea and sky the stiff and upright structure of the building exists within its own time frame of durable and weathered material, purpose and abandonment. It once offered a sense of protection and solidity to those within in it, now empty and derelict it remains, but like other human structures before it it will crumble and it composition will return to the natural forms from which it is remained- whether through the process of demolition or slow decay. At this point it is stuck between a thing with a designed use and an artifact. The sounds for the video come from a process, all the years between 1968 and 2012 were written out in full on a piece of slate, one year erasing the previous, this represents the period of occupation and use of the building, combined with recording its existence in someway in an element of the local landscape.