Birder's Paradise: Mobile Lab: First Day

Today I have embarked on a new project with Anna Francis under the title of "Birder's Paradise", the first part of this project is to develop a mobile lab/birdhide. The project is funded through Appetite's Kitchen programme,

So to start off we have acquired a 1986 Swift Corniche touring caravan, which over the winter will become a fully functioning mobile space for experiments, observations and engagements.

Currently the caravan is fully furnished; with a lot of stuff that doesn't work. Fridge, Heater, Shower, Toilet. Therefore all of this is going to get stripped out.

 In place of the usual caravan interior we will install all the things we will need to carryout the project on the move. A library of reference books, observation windows for using binoculars, moveable seating to create a more flexible space, generator power, and wifi connectivity.

Our hope is to be able to tour to various sites around stoke-on-trent and gather information about, habitats, users of particular spaces, opinions and ideas. At the same time we will also be making artistic responses to the sites we select.
Plans for the caravan conversion

An example of one type of site we will be visiting

The majority of the materials will be reclaimed 
The initial work will take place at the historic Spode factory site in Stoke Town, and may be a possible site for a test run in the new year. As well as being an excellent working space for this type of project, there is a host of materials that could be used to help with the conversion.