Mobile Lab Developments

Work has begun on developing the caravan in order to turn it into the mobile lab for the birder's paradise project.

So far the process has been relatively easy the interior equipment, a lot of which was defunct has been removed and the seat beds have been stripped out to create a wide open space at the front of the van. I have also begun removing the carpet, which as well as showing it's age was also impractical for the expected muddy boots that will end up tramping across the floor.
Water Heater, Gas Heater, and Fridge Removed
Removal of the seats/bed and carpet
Interior work in progress

Removing some of the stuff from the van has shown up a few other problems that will need remedying before the van can be used.
Several of the exterior seals have been leaking for some time causing the wall panelling to rot slightly, these will be reinforced with a new ply lining, which will also give a more shed like feel to the inside. Removing the carpets has given access to the tops of the stabiliser jacks two of which need repairing which I can now do. The exterior seals will be repaired now in readiness for a new paint job.

Shiny new cans of spray
 Getting on the roof of the van revealed several decades worth of moss, lichen and algae- as much as I like moss and lichens, it would have made the paint job a bit dodgy so this has been cleaned and degreased. 

We will be working with two other artists "Malarky and Goldpeg" to paint the external walls of the van using a custom colour chart, to produce a camouflage pattern based on the colours found in a lot of the sites we will be visiting. Last week we took delivery of the shiny new Montana spray cans and will be looking forward to seeing the results in the new year.

We also have a new logo which will adorn the van eventually.

That is about it for he moment, new developments will take place over christmas and early next year, so here's a few more internal shots of creative destruction.